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Happiness (Ānanda) in the Bhagavadgītā: Equanimity, Acceptance, and Innate Wholeness

How can I be a happy person? How do I live a happy life? We all seek happiness and well-being;…

Heart Connections: Strategies for Navigating Conflict and Difference

In this course, you will develop skills for more effective and connected conversations, become more conscious of your own habituated…

Becoming a Boddhisattva: The Journey of Awakening

This class explores the Path of the Bodhisattva through the eyes of Shantideva, the great 8th-century Indian philosopher, Buddhist monk,…

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The 10 Goddesses of Transcendent Wisdom

Fierce times call for fierce goddesses. Whether the challenge is a personal crisis or a worldwide shutdown, our spiritual lives…

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I Am That: the Pervasive Nectar of Non-Duality

The experience of “I Am” consciousness is an enlivening current found throughout the yoga canon as well as a central…

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Psychedelic Integration: Psychedelics, Healing, and Spiritual Practice

In this 6-part lecture series, researchers, psychotherapists and psychedelic facilitators come together to discuss the research around psychedelics and integrative…

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Psychoanalysis & Tibetan Buddhism: An Unfolding Partnership

For more than half a century there’s been a growing interest in the relevance of Buddhist psychology and meditation to…

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The Science of Spirit: How the New Science of Embodied Mind is Changing the World

This course explores the rise of a revolutionary new approach to the scientific study of mind and spirit that promises…

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The Universal Mystic: Meditation, the Brain, and Humanity’s Mystical Birthright

Revered philosopher and psychologist William James celebrated the universality of mysticism when he famously declared that mysticism has “neither birthday…

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Yoga & the Neuroscience of Healing: Harnessing the Power of the Brain

The Ancient Wisdom permeating all spiritual traditions reveals that a human being is 1% matter and 99% energy or consciousness….

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Re-Pairing: Practices for Cultivating the Embodiment of Intimacy

This practical course highlights obstacles to intimacy in our culture and provides tools to transmute those obstacles into opportunities for…