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Transcending Trauma: Art, Imagination, and Spirituality

Trauma can easily evoke intense feelings that are difficult to speak about. The arts are extremely useful for approaching hard…

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Sanskrit: Level 1, 2 & 3

In this three-part course, you will take an immersive journey into learning the Sanskrit language. This course will be a…

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Spiritual Citizenship Conference Workshop Package

The events of recent years have inspired a deep collective reckoning that extends to the very heart of what it…

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Embodied Erotics: Decolonial Approaches to Gender and Sexuality

In this course, participants will explore indigenous ways of framing gender and sexuality from cultures around the world and the…

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Decolonial Yoga: A Contemplative Approach to Dismantling Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation is a highly charged concern in the world of contemporary spirituality, and modern yoga in particular; but all…

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The Bardo Teachings: Bringing The Tibetan Book of the Dead to Life

Written in self-secret “twilight language,” The Tibetan Book of the Dead is unfathomable to most people. This course will show…

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The Path of the Heart

The chanting of Sanskrit mantras is a powerful ancient practice aimed at opening up our subtle awareness and entering into…

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Polyvagal Theory: Neural Exercises for Safety and Social Connection

The course will elaborate on how Polyvagal Theory provides a neural foundation for a brain-body medicine that would lead to…

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Sound Medicine: Integrating Modern Science with Ancient Practices

Awaken to the use of sound in a purposeful and deliberate way to improve and empower your life. Sound is a…