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Welcome to the “Course Discussion” section—a place where you can connect with your peers and instructor. The conversation thread will remain open during the time the course is live and will be archived two weeks after the last module date. 

This discussion area is dedicated for you to have conversations with your classmates and teacher about related course materials, assignments, and sharing resources related specifically to this course’s subject. We encourage everyone participating in the course to join the conversation! First, we require that you read the following Course Discussion guidelines:

  • This is a supportive space to share your thoughts, work through course materials, create connections, and foster growth! Please use this space with consideration of your peers, as we’re all at different places on the educational and spiritual path.
  • Debate about issues is healthy but please be self-aware of sanctimonious posturing and dogma as it both distracts and hinders the groups ability to converse collectively in a productive manner. Embodied Philosophy strives to push back against the trend of intolerant and venomous dialogue. Anyone not adhering to this policy will be restricted from participating in the Course Discussion. 
  • This is NOT a space for self-promotion. Please use your own pages, platforms and groups to promote your business. An exception would be an article or practice you’ve created or found relevant directly related to the course material.
  •  Please be respectful to the course leader, as they’ll do their best to be a part of the discussion and engage as much as they can.
  • Anyone who illustrates a trend toward disrespect and intolerance will be asked to leave the group.

Thank you for respecting and honoring the space the Embodied Philosophy Team, course leader(s), and our community members are collaboratively creating together! 

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