Sacred Activism Today Copy

Module 4 Description

Andrew will explore: 

Andrew will explore the vision of Sacred Activism that he laid out first in his book, The Hope, that began a global movement. He will lay out the five kinds of service that every sacred activist now needs to fuse together to be an effective co-creative agent of transformation. He will show how the way forward through our dark night is through an alignment of Sacred Activism with the transfiguration mutation process that is the secret meaning of our dark night, and he will give specific and practical teachings about both the kinds of practices that sacred activists need and the way to recognize your own particular mission in this great birth and put it into wise, inspired action with others.

Ramesh will explore:

A Tantric outlook or lifestyle inspires a subjective, contemplative approach to life while informing us to live in dynamic balance with the objective side of life, with people and planet. Tantra is spirituality in action, an embodied spirituality rather than a spiritual escape from the world.  In presenting Tantra as  neo-humanism, or love for all beings, we can cultivate Divine Love as a revolutionary force for creating systemic change in the world.  

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