Tantra and the Birth of a New Humanity Copy

Module 3 Description

Andrew will explore: 

The five great passions of the birthing Mother force (Shakti) as it alignes with the transcendent and eminent power (Shiva) of what he calls the sacred marriage, can birth a new kind of human being. He will stress five things: 1. The necessity of a direct connection with the divine. 2. The sacred importance of cultivating radical joy. 3. The challenges of rooting the light in the cells of the body to transform the body. 4. The new powers of creativity and passion energy that this process will engender. 5. The challenge of putting its discoveries of unity and reverence for all life into action that transforms the structures of our world. 

Ramesh will explore:

Tantric cosmology and ecology. Many religious dogmas have placed God and the Divine as judges in Heaven and thus separated us from both spirit and the earth. This dualism has caused us to treat the world as “material” and enabled us to commodify nature, literally causing the planet to be trashed and burn. To save bot us and the planet, we need a spirit-centered worldview, a blending of cosmology and ecology, which Tantra offers. 

Tantric enstasy and ecstasy. Tantra also offers practical tools of personal practice in both enstasy, or meditation, and ecstasy, or sacred service through karma yoga, art, music, or activism to the world rooted in embodied spirituality, in the worldview of Shiva/Shakti nondualism.   

Module Slides & Supplemental Materials