The Dark Night Copy

Module 2 Description

Andrew will explore: 

In this module, Andrew will share in detail the deep meanings and laws of the global dark night to reveal the evolutionary truth of its birthing power. He will show, drawing on Rumi, Kabir, and St. John of the Cross, how the entire world is now going through a process which destroys old structures of every kind and creates massive anxiety and chaos to compel a species mutation. Drawing on evolutionary science and on his own experience of the dark night, he will reveal how its multiple devastations contain the seeds of a galvanizing and sometimes outrageously new possibility. He will also share his vision rooted in the evolutionary mystics such as Sri Aurobindo of the new embodied divine human that this process is ordained to birth. 

Ramesh will explore: 

Our worldly problems are rooted in inner vrittis, or tendencies, our narrow human sentiments of greed, narrowness, possessiveness, and hatred of the other. You will learn how we may overcome them through a Tantric worldview and practice. You will be introduced to two universal sentiments and outlooks–atmasuka-tattva: the sentiment of selfishness and sama-samaj tattva: the sentiment of social equity—and why we need to overcome the first and increase the radius of the other in order to create more social balance.  In addition, there are narrow geo-, socio-, and religious-sentiments proclaiming various dogmas which we must overcome to create true freedom and dynamic balance in society.  You will also learn about these three important aspects of Tantra: 1. Via Positiva: the path of Tantric Love; 2. Madhuvidya: the art of Honey Knowledge; and 3. Darsana: developing an Integral Outlook.  

Module Slides & Supplemental Materials