The Tantric Vision of Sacred Activism Copy

Module 1 Description

Andrew will explore:

The global dark night crisis we are in is an unprecedented and extremely dangerous confluence of several crises- economic, political, environmental, and spiritual-within the context of the exploding pandemic. He will lay out in detail his vision of how this global dark night is a massive evolutionary event that could be the birth canal of a new embodied divine humanity empowered through the birthing force of the Mother (Shakti) to co-create with the divine (Shiva) a new way of being and doing everything. 

Ramesh will explore: 

The Tantric Vision: Tantra sees the world not as an illusion, as in some Eastern philosophies, but rather as a manifestation of a divine reality that has both transcendent (Shiva) and immanent (Shakti) expressions. Shiva is the divine in its most transcendent form—as pure consciousness—and thus the ground of all being, while Shakti is the flowing energy giving birth to the whole manifest universe. 

Tantric Practice of Sacred Activism:  Tantric practice can broadly be divided in two—the enstatic and the ecstatic. During enstatic practice we turn within in meditative contemplation and through deep concentration we surrender to the inner divine flow of Shiva consciousness. During ecstatic practice, we express our divine nature in acts of sacredness through creativity, love, and engaged activism. 

Connecting the Dots: This interlinked crisis of spirit and of society can only be solved in an integrated way, by connecting the dots between the broken human spirit and the breakdown in the various societal systems. 

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