The Wisdom of the Sages Copy

Module 4 Description

This class decodes the mythologies of key sages of ancient India, including that of Vasiṣṭha, the great preceptor, Viśvāmitra, the king who became a sage, Durvāsas, the irascible curse-throwing sage, Aṣṭavakra, the sage bend out of shape, and Vāmadeva, who attained enlightenment while yet an embryo. Specific yoga postures covered include their namesakes:  

  • Vasiṣṭha Pose (Vasiṣṭhāsana)
  • Viśvāmitra Pose (Viśvāmitrāsana)
  • Durvāsas Pose (Durvāsāsana)
  • Aṣṭavakra Pose (Aṣṭavakrāsana)
  • Vāmadeva Pose (Vāmadevāsana)

Module Slides & Supplemental Materials