Viṣṇu and his Avatāras Copy

Module 2 Description

This class decodes the mythology of Viṣṇu, and his human incarnations on earth (avatāras), to show its relevance for specific yoga poses. We will look at Viṣṇu’s reclining on his serpent couch on the cosmic ocean, and his incarnations as tortoise and dwarf. We will also look at his eagle mount, and his great devotee, Hanumān. Specific yoga postures covered include:  

  • Reclining Pose (Anantāsana)
  • Tortoise Pose (Kūrmāsana)
  • Hanumān’s Pose (Hanumānāsana)  
  • Three Strides Pose (Tri-Vikramāsana)
  • Eagle Pose (Garuḍāsana)

Module Slides & Supplemental Materials