Organic Intelligence®: Post-Traumatic Growth for Persons & Professionals

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  • Thursdays, November 11, 18, December 2, 9, 16, 7-9 pm ET

About the Course

This course offers participants a journey from trauma to Post-Trauma Growth. You’ll need no prior experience to discover how our human biology contains the seeds of unfolding wholeness. By learning a little about complexity science, and using interactive exercises and personal practices, participants will be able to apply Organic Intelligence® (OI) tools and concepts for their own growth and for those in their care. 

Rather than a hodgepodge thrown together, the OI method maps a clear step-by-step trajectory — with the specific milestones of organic development. Taught to thousands of practitioners of all kinds worldwide, this introductory course will shed new light on Polyvagal Theory applications, on the steps necessary for Post-Trauma Growth, and on the empowerment unleashed by understanding the OI maps — including especially the “Biology to Cosmos” framework of systemic and intergenerational healing. Participants will learn experientially and grow exponentially in a fun and liberatory setting — and get lots of extras and freebies along the way!

In this first module, we will visit the mystery hidden in plain sight: how we heal. The intersection of civilization, hierarchy, and domination has brewed a toxic stew that Steve Hoskinson has called “the age of disintegration”. To emerge from this, we will not only need all the tools and gifts we can summon — but also the wisdom to use the right tool at the right time. Methods ancient and modern are at our disposal. However, the very abundance of tools creates confusion. There is a bewildering array of helpful methods laying claim to healing: moving, sitting, breathing, crying, shaking, embodying, praying… The question for each is: when can it be helpful? For this, we will look at the Organic Intelligence (OI) “Attunement” map and the multiple levels of attunement. For healing to occur, attunement of course must occur emotionally, but also to fight/flight/freeze, dorsal/ventral/sympathetic, spiritual vibrations, and trauma — developmental and shock. Most importantly, however, is that all of these occur in the context of specific biological Phases. These Phases define how your client’s system takes in the information you’re trying to communicate, so without this attunement, none of the others will really make a difference. Our complex systems have a science — complexity science — that defines these Phases, and helps us attune and provide real support, with a precision never before thought possible. In this module, we’ll begin to recognize these Phases and discover their connection to trauma, and how we can facilitate the innate trajectory of Post-Trauma Growth.
The word “unprecedented” has pretty much been worn out: pandemic, climate, the rise of despotism, and the realization of systemic inequities are accumulating to produce new fault lines — seen and unseen — in the human psyche. This chaos will continue catalyzing, and “acting out” will create yet more chaos. Blind faith in… something — divine intervention, human ingenuity, in the “inevitable cycles” of ups and downs may sound soothing. But to face — and embrace — this moment, we’ll need some new skills and real resiliency. First, we’ll understand a bit of systems science, and the OI “Threshold” map. Once we understand what the Chaos Phase is, what causes it, and what sustains it — then we’ll learn the subtle, but inevitable signs of its shift into a higher order of organization. These understandings apply to systems large and small, so whether you want to support yourself, another individual, an organization, or a culture — this is what you’ll need to know. For context for the individual, biological system — you, me, our friends, and everybody — the Adverse Childhood Experiences studies (ACEs) is rightly getting the medical and trauma establishment’s attention. Early trauma and significant developmental trauma cause individual, biological, systemic Chaos. Fortunately, our systems are “auto-organizing” — meaning they know how to heal. Now, we can learn what our systems already know, and we and our systems’ intelligence can work together. When we do, that’s Post-Trauma Growth — the topic of Module 3!
Post-Trauma Growth is what our systems are made to do. In this third module, we’ll take the guesswork out of how to support that natural direction. We’ll learn some of the finesse of this midwifery of Being, by seeing specific, visible signs for growth and support from the biology. The OI “ISOMA” map will help us to differentiate the signals that come from, say, the negativity bias and those that come from the deep impulse of healing, of “auto-organization”. The “postcards from home” show up in the client often beneath their awareness. As somatic coaches and therapists, our art is to reflect the client’s own messages back to them in such a caring and attuned way that they land easily for the client. By learning the timing, these reflections perform their role in the neurobiology, and catalyze Post-Trauma Growth by increasing the client’s experience of ease, of meaningful connection, and overall bandwidth for complexity (i.e., problem-solving, awareness, appreciation of beauty, relationship, clarity of action and purpose, etc). This is the OI Empowerment Protocol. It is uniquely empowering because the intervention process is simply this: the co-creation of a safe-enough relationship to reflect to the client their own healing wisdom.
By Module 4 we will have easily incorporated a systems perspective. We begin with understanding the complex system of our human neurobiology and its nature as auto-organizing, or self-healing, as one of the most central impulses of our being. In this module, we’ll look more specifically at how specific environments hold symptoms in place or help the Post-Trauma Growth process. This is the OI “Biology to Cosmos” map, where the differentiation of systems of the individual biology, family, affinity groupings, our species, and the cosmos offer the possibility to feel fully embraced, and our belonging becomes fully incorporated. Whether within our own biological system, in our lineage, or in the cosmos — resources await the time and place to share their healing power so that we each may in turn share our healing power by simply being who we are.
In this module, we’ll have a chance to look in-depth at the natural unfolding of Post-Trauma Growth. We’ll look at a video demonstration session, debriefed in detail by Steve Hoskinson. There will be time for Q&A along the way, so you can see exactly how the process works. Your questions and perspectives will guide the discussion. This is usually one of the most popular and revealing learning experiences.

Students who take this course will:

  • Identify the 3 most important phases for attunement required for consistent healing work.
  • Describe key aspects of a healing paradigm that facilitates empowerment and agency.
  • Practice simple exercises that naturally evoke greater self-regulation, and promote biologically-based wellbeing.
  • Use and discuss key concepts for self-healing from complexity science, including “threshold”, “chaos”, and “self-organization”.
  • Describe why the ACEs study has vital implications for healing.
  • Explain the meaning of this OI saying, “Trauma means unintegrated resource.”

About Steven Hoskinson

Steven Hoskinson has taught and trained thousands of trauma therapists worldwide for over 20 years. He has presented keynote addresses and workshops at international trauma conferences and teaches somatic psychology at the graduate level. Steve founded Organic Intelligence® (OI) to provide a global online platform for professional training and personal support in Post-Trauma Growth. He developed the courses comprising the OI “Trauma Safe Trajectory”, including the End of Trauma Course, and hosts the End of Trauma Podcast. Having established OI organizationally, Steve’s focus is returning to mentoring, teaching, training and meditating.

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