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From the introduction…

“The events of recent years have inspired a deep collective reckoning that extends to the very heart of what it means to be an engaged citizen. The current struggles around race, culture, gender, and ecology reflect a deep division that calls into question our preconceived notions of who we think we are and what we’re capable of becoming.”

– Stephanie Corigliano, TARKA Journal Managing Editor

In this issue of Tarka, On Spiritual Citizenship, we explore the intersection of contemplative practice and social activism. Through essays, interviews, first-person reflections and research, the issue seeks to highlight the silver lining that appears when we augment our current socio-political commitments with the wisdom of spiritual and esoteric traditions.

  • Historical, Polemical, and Experimental Essays
  • Introductory Articles on Key Topics
  • Interviews with Oneika Mays, Andrew Harvey, and H. Herukhuti Sharif Williams
  • Three Book Reviews
  • Articles on Practice and Translation