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From the introduction…

In this issue, the contributors argue for the acceptance and integration into scholarly life of what has otherwise been deemed controversial by the reigning epistemology of modern industrialized culture. Here we mean something that is indicated by a number of terms that in various ways imply one another: subjectivity, experience, embodiment, and – perhaps most importantly – practice. 

Jacob Kyle

In this issue of Tarka, On the Scholar-Practitioner, we explore the intersection between academic scholarship and contemplative practice, highlighting the obstacles, challenges, and opportunities encountered by those working to heal the divide between knowledge and experience.

Included in this issue…

  • Historical, Polemical, and Experimental Essays
  • Introductory Articles on Key Topics
  • Interviews with Rita Sherma, Ramdas Lamb, and Jeffrey S. Lidke
  • Three Book Reviews
  • Articles on Practice and Translation
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