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From the introduction…

We can glimpse the infinite on a clear, starry night, from an expansive viewpoint, or even nestled in the underbrush of a dense forest. When we slow down to examine the toil of an earthworm or snail, as they move through a common grassy patch, or even within a potted plant, we see the enormity and importance of a world that is easy to overlook. This opening up and experiencing of the world beyond us, or the slowing down and witnessing of the myriad worlds around us, can fundamentally reshape our consciousness. We “fit” differently into the world around us when we absorb and experience nature…

Stephanie Corigliano, TARKA Journal Managing Editor

In this issue of Tarka, On Ecology, we look at the intersection of ecology and contemplative practice – including various ways of understanding and relating to nature, environmental degradation, and modes for healing. The result is an interdisciplinary, multifaceted study of ecology.

Included in this issue…

  • Historical, Polemical, and Experimental Essays
  • Introductory Articles on Key Topics
  • Interviews with Rita D. Sherma, Stephanie Kaza, Pankaj Jain and Christopher Key Chapple
  • Three Book Reviews
  • Articles on Practice and Translation