SĀDHAKA (Ep. 6) with Stacey Ramsower // On Ayurveda

Aug 14,2018
Stacey Ramsower

I became a devoted student of Yoga at the age of fourteen when my mom bought me a VHS tape called "Yoga for Beginners With Patricia Walden."  I practiced after school, when no one was home, and I loved the simplicity and depth of each pose, I experienced a quiet I hadn't known before.  Years later I moved to Los Angeles where I met Hala Khouri, and her inclusion of Somatic Experiencing principles with asana inspired me deeply.  I determined to become a teacher.  My 200hr Teacher Training was led by yoga greats Annie Carpenter and Lisa Walford at Yoga Works, after which I completed my Nia White Belt with Helen Terry in Houston, TX.  I have completed Hala Khouri’s “Teaching Yoga To Those At Risk,” Schuyler Grant’s 75hr “The Art of Teaching Kula Style,” Mira Shani’s “Asana and Technique Series,” Yin Yoga and Meditation with Rhia Robinson and The Lineage Project’s 20hr Teacher Training Program.  I served as co-facilitator with the non-profit organization “In-Powered,” and also co-lead a 200hr TT Program called Svasta Yoga School, which offers continuing education and mentorship.  I am currently working on my 500hr TT with the Himalayan Institute.  I base my teaching on the belief that Yoga, when practiced well, can lead you to the deepest experience of your innate wisdom and true freedom.

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