Compassionate Conflict: Harnessing the Wisdom in our Emotions

Conflict is an incredible builder of intimacy when we allow ourselves to be transformed by what’s happening, and the first step is to work with ourselves. When it comes to conflict, most people are limited by not knowing what to do with bodies’ reactions; that is, we get triggered, frustrated, or just need to tap out because we fear harm being caused in whichever direction. This seminar is designed specifically to increase your awareness and range of options of how to communicate in the midst of strong emotions, whether anger, sadness or the numbness of confusion or disassociation. Together we will explore the Compassionate Conversations approach that honors the intelligence of our feelings, without being consumed by them, so that we become more conscious of our own states and our responses to others.

Upcoming Course with Kim Loh:

In this course, you will develop skills for more effective and connected conversations, become more conscious of your own habituated patterns, and through this process discover how to be more authentically yourself. Being genuinely available for others and their own challenges while learning how to facilitate intense moments in conversations will bring us back to a more choiceful and connected place when the going gets tough. Few of us were ever taught how to ‘do’ conflict well. Yet, for virtually all of us, conflicts can cause us enormous stress, revealing individual limitations and collectively unhealthy patterns. With a focus on how to engage from the heart in some of our most difficult yet most important conversations, Compassionate Conversations weaves together a framework utilizing essential principles from conflict resolution, Zen Buddhism, adult developmental psychology and Integral theory.



Kim Loh