Gaṇeśa, Grounding and Yogic Storytelling

This talk decodes the mythology of Gaṇeśa, the elephant-headed lord of wisdom and auspicious beginnings. You will learn the significance of how Gaṇeśa got his elephant’s head, and also why he is worshipped first among the host of Hindu gods. You will also learn about how mythological storytelling serves as a rich repository of insight into the personal and spiritual growth at the heart of yoga. Specific yoga postures will also be covered.

Gaṇeśa, Grounding and Yogic Storytelling Slides

Offered free to seminar attendees by Dr. Raj Balkaran: Shiva Stories: Decoding Myths of the Blue-Throated Lord Course

Upcoming 4-Module Course with Dr. Raj Balkaran:

Why are so many yoga poses named after mythic scenes and mythic figures? What does, for example, Śiva’s cosmic dance of bliss, or Viṣṇu reclining on his serpent couch have to do with yoga postures? The mythological stories of ancient India encode profound philosophical and spiritual insight indispensable for the practice of yoga. What is the core content and significance of these stories? What can these stories add to your own yoga practice? Join Dr. Raj Balkaran as he transmits and decodes key mythological stories from ancient India, expounding their significance and relevance to the practice of yoga. Each class features a synergy of expert academic lecture, captivating storytelling, and profound spiritual transmissions. You will have ample opportunity for Q&A.


Raj Balkaran