Heart to Heart with LeTonia Jones and Kim Loh

At a time of deep polarization and heightened conflict around the world, MindBody Studies Managing Editor LeTonia Jones and Kimberly Loh, co-author of Compassionate Conversations: How to Speak and Listen from the Heart engage in a deeply felt conversation about both the necessity of embodiment and a commitment to love as a means to navigate conflict. In this chat, the two briefly explore concepts such as emotional bypass, the wisdom of our emotions, and the transmutation of the fear of difference and conflict into trust and connection.

Upcoming Course with Kim Loh:

In this course, you will develop skills for more effective and connected conversations, become more conscious of your own habituated patterns, and through this process discover how to be more authentically yourself. Being genuinely available for others and their own challenges while learning how to facilitate intense moments in conversations will bring us back to a more choiceful and connected place when the going gets tough. Few of us were ever taught how to ‘do’ conflict well. Yet, for virtually all of us, conflicts can cause us enormous stress, revealing individual limitations and collectively unhealthy patterns. With a focus on how to engage from the heart in some of our most difficult yet most important conversations, Compassionate Conversations weaves together a framework utilizing essential principles from conflict resolution, Zen Buddhism, adult developmental psychology and Integral theory.



LeTonia Jones
Kim Loh