Living with Trauma: Working with Polyvagal Interventions

Trauma is experienced first and foremost physiologically. Understanding the body’s reactions to threat, as well as identifying practical interventions that can help reverse the consequence of this reaction, is important for living a healthy, peaceful life in today’s world. In this seminar, we will use Continuum Movement’s Essential Elements of breath, sound, and movement to help alleviate the fixations and compensatory patterns that have become locked down in the tissue of our body because of trauma and stress. By engaging with variations in breath and sound, we can stimulate a wide spectrum of internal sensations, responses, and movements that allows us to return to feeling our body relaxed, resonating as a fluid, vital whole.

Resources: cymatics video 1, cymatics video 2.


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Moving Intelligence: Embodiment Practices of Continuum Movement
This course is an introduction to Continuum Movement® founded by Emilie Conrad Da’oud. Continuum Movement is an inquiry into what it means to be a human being providing a somatic method to explore oneself as an unfolding biological and planetary process. The essential elements of Continuum: breath, sound, movement, innovation, and sensation will be used to provide a portal to our own body’s bio-intelligence. In somatic psychology we recognize the importance of a bottom-up intelligence versus the traditional cognitive top down used most often in our culture. This course will teach students how to access the intelligence and wisdom of their body, in other words, provide a bottom-up method for students to use for themselves and helping others. This course will have a 30-to-45-minute experiential piece in each class so as to experience learning from a bottom-up perspective. A primary value of Continuum Movement is access to the universal processes within.

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Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz