Meet the MindBody Therapy Faculty

This certificate program brings some of the world’s leading experts in the field of somatic psychology to Embodied Philosophy’s online learning community.  Masters of embodied healing practices and body psychotherapy will lead participants through a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary program that will not only help promote your practitioner skill development but promote your own personal transformation as well.

MindBody Therapy Online Training

A Year-Long Online Training & Certificate in 3 Trimesters

This program delivers a range of somatic approaches to working with emotions, feelings and actions through continued work with gesture, posture, facial expression, voice and breath. While students will be introduced to some of the historic somatic psychotherapy innovators and their lineages, the primary focus of the course will entail embodying and practicing the principles and practices of our field. The overall goal of the classes is to give learner’s a broad understanding of and practice with somatic inquiry and experiential interventions that can be employed with various clients, as well as practice integrating and articulating how one may work somatically and therapeutically in various scopes of practice.

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MindBody Therapy