Queering the EcoDharma, from Desire to Devotion

Many spiritual traditions have viewed sexuality as an obstacle to spiritual practice. Because queers are seen as the embodiment of sexuality, our sexualities have been sidelined and prohibited. Yet many queer yogis are also climate justice activists: what connections can we discover between our embodied erotic desires and our eco-activism? Exploring cultural views “the natural,” and the colonialist rhetoric that “animalized” indigenous peoples, we gain tools for recovering more aspects of our interbeing that intuitively power our eco-activism. Disentangling sexual desire from tanha, or craving, this talk moves from homophobia and erotophobia in spiritual practice to an exploration of wholesome human needs and the five fingers of eco-spiritual praxis. When rooted in breath-awareness of eco-identity and interbeing, our desires become a devotion that powers awakening and eco-justice activism alike.


Greta Gaard