Tarka #3: On Ecology

In this issue of Tarka, On Ecology, we look at the intersection of ecology and contemplative practice – including various ways of understanding and relating to nature, environmental degradation, and modes for healing. The result is an interdisciplinary, multifaceted study of ecology.

Tarka Issue #3

On Ecology

  • Historical, Polemical, and Experimental Essays
  • Introductory Articles on Key Topics
  • Interviews with Rita D. Sherma, Stephanie Kaza, Pankaj Jain and Christopher Key Chapple
  • Three Book Reviews
  • Articles on Practice and Translation

Articles from this Issue

Mindful Ecofeminism and the Multispecies Sangha

When practitioners set foot on a spiritual path, we want to bring our whole selves—our ethics and values, our commitments to social and environmental justice, and our embodied interbeing with all animal and plant species, water-bodies and air-bodies, soil and rock.

Forging the Spirit through Climate Change Practice

Working with Indra’s net is a practice that develops character and builds capacity and resilience.

What is Līlā?

Līlā means, among other things, “sport,” “play” and “pastime.” Often translated as “divine play,” līlā signifies a number of theological and metaphysical ideas that pertain to the spontaneous playfulness of the absolute or supreme being.

Sacred Rivers as Divine Ecology

Rivers are sacred because they carry you toward the source, yet contain the source— water—themselves. They are a metaphor for life. They describe the journey from birth to death. They wash away everything that has been, making new ground for growth.

From the Introduction

We can glimpse the infinite on a clear, starry night, from an expansive viewpoint, or even nestled in the underbrush of a dense forest.  When we slow down to examine the toil of an earthworm or snail, as they move through a common grassy patch, or even within a potted plant, we see the enormity and importance of a world that is easy to overlook. This opening up and experiencing of the world beyond us, or the slowing down and witnessing of the myriad worlds around us, can fundamentally reshape our consciousness.  We “fit” differently into the world around us when we absorb and experience nature…

Stephanie Corigliano, TARKA Journal Managing Editor

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Tarka Issue #3 – On Ecology

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    Tarka Issue #3 – On Ecology
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Tarka Issue #3 – On Ecology

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    Tarka Issue #3 – On Ecology
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What’s in this Issue?

Interviews with Faculty & Friends:
Rita D. Sherma | Stephanie Kaza | Pankaj Jain | Christopher Key Chapple

Understanding Ecology:
What is Ecology? by Jessica Jagtiani | What is Ecofeminism? by Rebekah Nagy | Sacred Cow by Katy Jane | What is Śākta? by Laura K. Amazzone | What is līlā? by Jacob Kyle | The Ecology of Tantra by Ramesh Bjonnes

Born with Divine Ecology by Martha Eddy | Ecology in a Time of Covid by Christopher Key Chapple | Sacred Rivers as Divine Ecology by Katy Jane | Uncovering Nature Within by Carryn Mills | Visual Essay: Morning Altars by Day Schildkret | Annapūrnā: A Return to Wholeness, Balance, and Earth Mother Wisdom by Laura K. Amazzone | Marx: Dialectical Materialist, or Nondual Materialist? by Rebekah Nagy | Mindful Ecofeminism and the Multispecies Sangha by Greta Gaard | Forging the Spirit through Climate Change Practice by Stephanie Kaza | The Spiritual Biology of Creation & Creativity by Isa Gucciardi | Re-Membering our Relation to the Earth Soil for Ecologically Sound Cities by Jean Gardner

Book Reviews:
Living Landscapes: Meditations of the Five Elements in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain Yogas, Author: Christopher Key Chapple | Ecodharma: Buddhist Teachings for the Ecological Crisis, Author: David R. Loy | Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth, Editor: Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

On Practice:
Possessed by the Plague by Marcy Braverman Goldstein | 12 Brief Notes on Spiritual Ecology by Mary Reilly Nichols

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