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30-Day Sādhana: Discovering Mantras

Students of this course will:
  • Cultivate a discipline and consistency by integrating the practice of “japa” (mantra repetition) into daily life
  • Discover a mantra that resonates deeply, one that attunes you to layers of subtlety within
  • Explore how the regularity of japa practice contributes to a deeper understanding of oneself, others, and the greater sonic reality we are all tuning into
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21-Day Yoga Challenge

  • On-Demand access to 21 new yoga classes
  • A variety of yoga styles – from hatha to vinyasa yoga
  • Bonus Course “Demystifying the Teachings of Yoga”
  • Access to 2 Sound Baths with Shawn Moore
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We have a variety of opportunities available. We are always looking for writers, teachers, speakers, activists and researchers to contribute to our ever-evolving platform and offerings. In addition, we are looking for Course Hosts, Facilitators, as well as Proofreaders, Editors, Podcast “Quote Finders”, and more. Opportunities exist to get involved with the following Embodied Philosophy offerings:

  • Tarka Journal
  • Chitheads Podcast
  • Year-Long Certificate Programs
  • Wisdom School Courses
  • New Educational Offerings
  • Behind the Scenes Support
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