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Moving Intelligence: Embodiment Practices of Continuum Movement

This course is an introduction to Continuum Movement® founded by Emilie Conrad Da’oud. Continuum Movement is an inquiry into what…

Yoga Stories of Ancient India: Decoding the Myths behind 20 Key Yoga Poses

Why are so many yoga poses named after mythic scenes and mythic figures? What does, for example, Śiva’s cosmic dance…

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Body-Mind Integration: Personal and Relational Healing and Spiritual Awakening

This course presents the main Realization Process practices for body-mind integration and the realization of a subtle ground of consciousness…

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Indian Philosophy: Paths & Worldviews

This course will present an overview of the major systems of philosophy that have developed in the Indian subcontinent, from…

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Buddhist Psychology & Contemplative Psychotherapy: Integrating the Embodied Mind

As mindfulness becomes a household word, and its practice is increasingly taken up into pop psychology, medicine and psychotherapy, there is…

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Lakshmi: Four Paths to Abundance

In this vibrant, experiential course, Sanskrit scholar, Religious Studies professor, workshop leader, and intuitive counselor Constantina Rhodes, Ph.D. will introduce…

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Embracing Diversity: Exploring Worldview Pluralism

How does one respond to the great variety of views and ways of life that present themselves to us in…

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Light in the Shadow: Shadow Yoga, Shamanism & Psychology

This course explores the nature of trauma and the way it drives our everyday experience – often in unrecognized ways….

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Tibetan Buddhism: A Path of Becoming Fully Human

We are witnessing a time of great geo-political, economic and ecological upheaval. At the same time a spiritual revolution is…

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The 10 Goddesses of Transcendent Wisdom

Fierce times call for fierce goddesses. Whether the challenge is a personal crisis or a worldwide shutdown, our spiritual lives…