What is Embodied Philosophy?

Embodied Philosophy (EP) is a school of interdisciplinary, contemplative education that bridges the gap between historical, text-based scholarship and the embodied practices that arise from contemplative texts and traditions. We strive to balance an appreciation for the variety of ways that these embodied practices have been adapted and changed to fit the modern era, alongside an awareness of the need for greater depth, cultural sensitivity, and spiritually-informed citizenship.

In a cultural climate exhibiting increasing levels of anxiety and depression, stress and alienation, hyper-vigilance, and divisive rhetoric, EP recognizes the need for what we call embodied philosophical living. This is not philosophy of the intellect alone but is an integrated, living wisdom. Highlighting yoga, dharmic, and esoteric traditions, we seek to disseminate knowledge, practices, rituals, and modes of living that actualize liberating patterns of thought and behavior. These new patterns break us out of the habits that continuously cause pain and suffering and reorient us in empowering ways. EP aims to nourish lives at the physiological, psychological, and spiritual levels by making accessible and available the wisdom that has transformed lives for thousands of years.


Embodied Philosophy is in search of a few skilled and insightful yoga asana teachers (or movement teachers in related somatic fields) to offer pre-recorded online classes for the pilot of our new online asana class offering!

Ideally, you as a yoga asana teacher will have at least five years of teaching experience, and a well-developed method for marrying together your insights in yoga philosophy, spirituality, and tradition, with the physical practice of asana and associated subtle practice. We are open to teachers who offer all styles and lineages of practice, from gentle to vigorous, from vinyasa to yin and restorative. You do not have to adhere strictly to the outward form of traditional asana in your teaching, but, you should have a clear “why” for teaching in the way that you do!


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