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Our certificate programs inspire and transform at all levels — somatic, psychological, and spiritual.

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Embodied Yoga Therapy Certificate Program

Study with leading experts in the field of Ayurvedic Medicine and contemporary Yoga Therapy with this somatic-contemplative method for healing professionals.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of yoga therapy and how it can be supported by the healing practices of Ayurveda and Tibetan Buddhism
  • Bridge ancient wisdom with modern healing practices to address various health conditions and concerns
  • Cultivate awareness of the mind-body connection, promoting psychological well-being and personal growth
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Trusted Curriculum

Over 1,000 students have trusted Embodied Philosophy certificate programs.

Each program includes:

Certificate of Completion
30+ Hours of Training
Resources and Reading Materials
Live or Pre-Recorded Integration Sessions
Practical Applications
Community Discussion Forum (for Live Programs)
Student Testimonial

“I got so much out of this program. First of all, I really appreciated being exposed to so many of the different perspectives of philosophy that are related to Yoga and philosophy that originated in India – Samkhya, Vedanta, Tantra, Tibetan Buddhism, Goddess traditions – I think we got a great overview. It’s wonderful to learn from teachers who so clearly love their subject . . . Thank you!”

– Ellen

Student Testimonial

“You will be challenged, and you will discover new ways of thinking about and looking at yoga. The program takes you down paths of discovery you may not have even known existed . . . I was a little skeptical about an online-only program, but the support keeps you connected and I have made lifelong friends. I recommend the program and all of the offerings of Embodied Philosophy to my colleagues and students alike!”

– Joan

Student Testimonial

“This program has given me the vocabulary and education of what I knew deep in my soul of how incredibly powerful and healing the body is but before could not articulate it. It affirms the reason I believe with every inch of my being, that the body is the healer and when we give it time, space and permission to be, there is so much infinite wisdom. I have absolutely LOVED the diversity of the teachers, the topics and pace of the course. I would highly recommend this course for any practitioner or wisdom seeker that is looking to heal and understand the role of the body in the healing journey.”

– Joanna

Student Testimonial

“This program has brought to my awareness how I, an asana teacher, don’t just want to teach my students where to put their foot, but rather help them stretch their minds to learn more about Yoga as a tradition beyond postures.”

– Jim

Student Testimonial

“The Awakened Body Certificate Program has given me the opportunity to be more equipped and better at inspiring human potential. The somatics-informed curriculum has enabled me to know how to further support people in their consciousness expansion, their restored embodied self journey, their inner growth, and their overall well-being.”

– Maria

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More Certificate Programs

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The Awakened Body Certificate Program

Ready to deepen your knowledge and skills in somatics and contemplative embodiment? This certificate program brings some of the world’s leading experts in the field of somatic psychology and embodiment to Embodied Philosophy’s online learning community.
  • Be a part of an international community of somatic practitioners.
  • Develop archetypal, mythological, symbolic, and psychoanalytic techniques.
  • Identify the transformative capacities of depth psychologies and embodied healing traditions from ancient philosophies to contemporary somatic healing models.
  • Engage with contemplative mindbody techniques, holistic personal inquiry methods, embodied relational mindfulness skills, and somatic movement practices.
  • Learn internal and external processes for improved relational attunement and connection with self and others through relational, social, ecological, and spiritual psychologies.
  • Develop an intersectional lens for working within a liberation model of mental health promotion.

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On Demand

Yoga Philosophy Certificate Program

Ready to become an authority on yoga philosophy and on the deeper teachings and perspectives of yoga? Expand your yoga toolbox and deepen your practice through this extensive overview of the yoga philosophical tradition.
  • Set yourself apart as an informed & knowledgeable practitioner.
  • Teach your students to embrace the deeper teachings.
  • Deepen your own skills as a teacher & practitioner.
  • Learn to speak the language of yogic concepts.
  • Understand yoga history, from ancient to modern.
  • Engage key texts from the yoga tradition.
  • Distinguish between the various lineages of the yoga tradition.

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On Demand

Buddhist Psychology Certificate Program

This certificate program provides a comprehensive survey of Buddhist psychology, combining a study of key Buddhist texts with practical application for a unified approach to understanding, healing, and transforming the mind.
  • Gain expertise in Buddhist teachings, mindfulness for healing insight, and karma theory
  • Learn how mentorship and embodied practices aid in transforming trauma and perception.
  • Foster insight into self-transcendence and personal freedom

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