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Pre-Workshop Lecture and Meditations On Demand, Workshop October 21 | 11am-5pm ET

Visionary Experience: Exploring the Intersection of Buddhism and Shamanism

Have you experienced spontaneous voyages into a spiritual reality that seems to exist outside of our mundane world? Or, are you fascinated by literary accounts of such experiences? Do traditions that focus on such “vision quests” tap into a universal spiritual vocabulary? This course will explore the fascinating intersections between Buddhism and Shamanism and will include narratives and teachings from the experiences of the founders of visionary Buddhist traditions. Cultivate the power of stable focus as a tool to begin your own grounded journey through these visionary realms.
  • Explore the intersection of Buddhism and Shamanism
  • Organize your past visionary experiences
  • Cultivate the power of stable focus
  • Set intentions for your vision quest
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