Edwin Bryant's Courses

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Bhakti Yoga

Since there are as many flavors of bhakti as there are human hearts wherein it abides, this course will focus on one…

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Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali

This course will undertake a close reading of yoga as presented in the traditional Hindu sourcebook on the subject, the 3rd century Yoga…

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Upaniṣads & Vedānta Sūtras

The Upaniṣads are the earliest source Vedic texts wherein can be found the roots of all later Hinduism.  It is in these texts…

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Sāṁkhyakārikā & the Yoga Sūtras

This 8-part course will undertake a comparative study of these two canonical texts of Yoga: the Sāṁkhyakārikā & the Yoga…