About EP

Erin Luhks

Location: New York, New York

Erin Luhks is a mathematician, writer, and yogi based in Brooklyn. She studied abstract math and poetry at Pennsylvania State University once upon a time before smartphones. She’s been a hydrodynamics research assistant, a non-union movie projectionist, a high school math teacher, and a really lousy barista. She now has her dream job, developing curriculum and designing software for math students.

To appease an insistent friend, Luhks started to practice yoga in 2010. Soon she took a 300-hour yoga teacher training with Lamas Kimberley and Ted Lafferty, and asana genius Mira Shani (YSI, Arizona 2012). She studies ayurvedic and archetype theory and yantra painting with Sarah Tomlinson.

Luhks is a founder of the Suspicious Characters Language School. She has written humor and math articles for the-toast and runt-of-the-web. She is currently studying philosophy through Rasa Yoga. She DJs and writes songs with her creative collective #FlirtClub. Her many personalities all share the Twitter account @ErinLuhks.

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