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Miles Borrero


Meet Miles Borrero, yoga teacher, avid student, Master of the Fine Arts, skateboarder, horseback rider, former-actor, ex-rocker, harmonium hugger and lover, shape-shifter and peaceful warrior. Born in Sao Paolo, Brazil and raised in Bogota, Colombia, Miles is currently based in NYC, and teaches regular classes at Pure Yoga, Exhale Spa and the Bhakti Center.

Coming from a classical yoga background, Miles embraces its rigor- both in the theoretical and the practical- maintaining all of the traditional elements of a yoga practice, yet with the essence of a jazz musician. Her yoga and writing are pulled apart and reconstructed, then twisted around and flipped on their head for an artful, enlivened experience. She is most interested in awakening your sense of curiosity and wonder, engaging you to become the author of your own education through Indian mythology, philosophy and most importantly music- as she is a Nada yogi at heart.

Borrero leads retreats and teacher trainings both nationally and internationally and has recently been featured in publications including Om Yoga and Mantra. Deeply influenced by and eternally grateful to all of her teachers (Raghunath, Ana Forrest, Schuyler Grant and Phillip Askew among others), she believes yoga is an integrated science, art and practice meant to help us know and love ourselves better and more freely. Feel free to check Miles out at www.milesyoga.com.

Content by Miles Borrero