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Suzanne Newcombe


Suzanne Newcombe researches yoga and ayurveda from a sociological and social historical perspective. She is a Lecturer in Religious Studies at the Open University and a Research Fellow at Inform, based at the London School of Economics. Her current research is on the overlaps between yoga, ayurveda and rasaśāstra in the modern period as part of the European Research Council funded AYURYOG project (www.ayuryog.org). She has previously researched the popularization of yoga and ayurveda in Britain and has a forthcoming book on the history of yoga in Britain under contract with Equinox. She has published journal articles and chapters in several edited books on this subject, as well as articles in the Journal of Contemporary ReligionReligion Compass and Asian Medicine; she has made several appearances on BBC radio and television discussing aspects of contemporary yoga practice and other minority religious beliefs and practices.

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