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5-Day Chakras Challenge

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July 17 July 21 EDT

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LIVE July 17 – July 21, 2023 – Everyday at 7am PT / 10am ET (Convert your time here.)

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5-Day Chakras Challenge

Join Jacob Kyle, Director of Embodied Philosophy, in a transformative journey to discover, explore, and meditate with an ancient system of Tantric yoga.

The chakras are one of the most popular topics in the spiritual world, but access to yoga practices from ancient yoga texts is hard to come by. Those who want to understand the different philosophical streams of yoga can’t distinguish the ancient from the modern.

Inform Your Practice
In a matter of five days, you will become a more informed yoga or meditation practitioner, which will help you stand out from the fitness yogis and “McMindful” meditators.

Embody Five Elements
Why should we care about the five elements? Because challenging ourselves to develop tools to connect and feel affection for nature has perhaps never been so timely and necessary.

Challenge Yourself
Discover an ancient yoga text about the divine feminine, the Kubjikamāta Tantra, explore a non-dual yogic philosophy, and use the elements as tools to ground, flow, enflame, inspire, and expand.

This challenge offers the unique opportunity to:

  • Integrate with nature through meditation
  • Discover an under-studied ancient yogic text
  • Embody Tantric teachings through visualization techniques

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Jacob Kyle is a yoga and meditation teacher, writer, philosophy educator and the Founder of Embodied Philosophy, an online educational platform for wisdom studies and contemplative practices. Jacob holds three Masters Degrees: an MPhil in Sanskrit & Indian Philosophy and Religions from the University of Oxford (2023), an MA in the History of Philosophy from the New School for Social Research (2013), and an MSc in Political Philosophy from the London School of Economics and Political Science (2007). Jacob received dīkṣā into a Tantric form of meditation in 2015, and has since that time been studying and practicing with Kashmir Shaivism scholar-practitioner Paul Muller-Ortega. In 2020, he was initiated as an Acharya (authorized teacher) of Neelakantha meditation and continues to dedicate his life to studying deeply the texts and traditions of the Śaiva-Śākta Darśana, as well as making available through the Embodied Philosophy platform transformative wisdom teachings, practices and perspectives.

Jacob Kyle