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Chant Mantras for Jacob’s 40th Birthday

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Mantra Party: Chant Mantras for Jacob’s 40th Birthday

While Embodied Philosophy is only a little over seven years old, its founder is sadly much older.  In honor of his 40 years around the sun, Jacob is inviting all members of the Embodied Philosophy Wisdom School to join him at a birthday party, of sorts. Instead of getting tipsy on cheap wine from the supermarket, partiers will get intoxicated with the śakti by reciting some of the yoga tradition’s most potent and powerful mantras.  This event will be largely a practice session, but also an opportunity for Jacob to express his gratitude to the online community of Embodied Philosophy, say a few words about Embodied Philosophy’s history and where we’re headed in the future.  There will be an opportunity for members to converse and ask questions following the practice session.

OUTCOMES: Wisdom School Members who attend this With-In will:

  1. Recite somewhere between 1 and 40 mantras
  2. Overview the basics of Sanskrit pronunciation
  3. Deepen their sense of community with other members
  4. Learn a little about the potency of mantra practice
  5. Party like it’s 1983

The With-In is a community conversation on a timely topic. Modern spiritual communities, in various ways, are attempting to integrate ancient teachings and traditions with the challenges and questions of modern life. This intersection provokes excitement and curiosity that can be deepened through a co-creative process of community discussion. Questions, confusions, and controversies can arise when one attempts to bridge the ancient and modern. This can be illuminating, but not always comfortable. The With-In provides the community members of Embodied Philosophy an opportunity to learn through the lived experience of others. It is a container through which you can creatively and compassionately sit with these experiences in discussion and community.  

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Jacob Kyle, MA, MSc, is a meditation teacher, writer, philosophy educator and the Founding Director of Embodied Philosophy, an online educational platform for wisdom studies and contemplative practices. Jacob holds an MSc in Political Theory from the London School of Economics and Political Science (2007) and an MA in Philosophy from the New School for Social Research (2013). In 2020, Jacob was initiated as an Acharya (authorized teacher) of Neelakhanta Meditation in the tradition of Blue Throat Yoga by scholar-practitioner Paul Muller-Ortega. Jacob is a devoted student and practitioner of the Śaiva-Śakta Darśana.