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FREE Meditation Resolution: Five Days, Five Tattvas

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January 1, 2024 January 5, 2024 EST

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Join us LIVE January 1-5, 2024.

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A “tattva” in Indian philosophy refers to a principle, element, or aspect of reality.

The concept varies across different philosophical schools but generally represents the building blocks or fundamental truths of the universe. In Sāṃkhya, one of the oldest schools of Indian philosophy, there are 25 tattvas, including elements like the mind, ego, and various sensory and physical elements. In Śaivism and other schools, the number and nature of tattvas can differ, but they all aim to describe the composition and structure of the universe, both material and non-material. Tattvas are used to understand the relationship between consciousness, matter, and the cosmos.

In this five-day meditation commitment, we will aim to cultivate a foundation for a year of meditation. Your meditation teachers will guide you through a unique daily practice of meditation and offer insights and teachings from some of the world’s meditation traditions.

This five-day commitment is entirely free and will set you up for a year of sustained meditation practice. Your facilitators will teach you how to stick with your practice, even when 💩 hits the fan.

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