Free Q&A Session: Why Get Certified in Yoga Philosophy?

As yoga becomes increasingly popular in our globalized world, the need to immerse ourselves in the foundational teachings of yoga becomes fundamental to protecting the integrity of its most transformative practices.

Non-Violence as a Spiritual Practice

This seminar will explore the concept of ahimsa from the perspectives of a variety of traditions, as well as the fraught question of the relationship between violence, nonviolence, and the world’s spiritual traditions.

Ram & Sita: An Epic Breakup Story

In this seminar, attendees will get a brief glimpse of how the Ramayana has shaped notions of love and relationships, and begin to understand how the Ramayana still impacts the lives of Indians today.

Discovering Bliss Through Yoga Philosophy

In this talk, Neil Dalal will highlight these important differences with special reference to the Bhagavadgītā’s foundational yogic methodologies. These teachings provide a process for handling the vicissitudes of life and mind with joyful equanimity; and an insightful reflexive inquiry designed to discover an innate stable wholeness that is the reality of one’s self. 

Stepping Onto the Path of the Bodhisattva

This seminar will offer an introduction to Shantideva and a way to better understand one's relationship to equanimity, patience, and effort through meditation and reflection.