From Faculty & Friends: H. “Herukhuti” Sharif Williams

How would you explain the term “queer dharma”?

I’m a practitioner of neo-traditional African spirituality in both the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) and Dagara traditions so it would be inappropriate for me to explain the concept of dharma, which is outside my cultural context. I can speak to the concept of Maat, which is a Kemetic concept of truth, balance, and the just order of things. I think of practicing Maat as being about how we observe with consciousness what’s happening around and within us, embrace the truth of what we find in what’s happening, and choose to act in harmony with that truth. When kweerness (some of us kweer Africanists use the word kweer to talk about queerness from a Black perspective by boring the prefix kw that exists in several African languages including Twi and Kiswahili) is added to that practice, it involves using the unique spiritual, cultural, a

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