The Queer God and a Stiff Peter

— Interactions with Pentecost

Wind is seen or heard when it makes contact with objects.  The Queer functions similarly.  Movement and noise come from contact.

There is danger in not thinking about God in a queer broadness.  In creating borders around what the Jesus movement is or isn't, people are left out.  On the day of Pentecost, Acts 2:1 says, "they were gathered together in one place." From the previous chapter, one can assume that the "they" consists of at least the eleven apostles.  So is the church made up of only apostles? The day of Pentecost is presented as a different day than when all of the apostles are gathered.  So is it possible that the "they" is broader than who we might think or even wish were present?  The Queer often brings other queers to the table that we were and are not expecting.  What if t

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