The Spiritual Path Was Never Straight

—Storying the Queer-Spiritual Sensibility

For many queer people, an evolving relationship with their queerness and contemporary queer communities can have a tremendous influence on their burgeoning spiritual path. Traditionally, this path and practice is seen as separate-than-queer—and in many cases diametrically opposed to the notion that one’s queerness exists at all. In reality, queer and spiritual histories, and modern queer sub-cultures reveal a more integrated spiritual formation; one that is often non-linear, sometimes non-dogmatic, and comfortably houses a variety of queer experiences. 

My own spiritual inquiry emerged in tandem with my developing sexual identity. I was 15 years old when I was being confirmed Catholic, printing Encarta articles on Buddhism, squirreling away books on paganism, and developing an at-home y

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