From Faculty & Friends: Oneika Mays

How would you explain the term “queer dharma”?

Queer dharma for me is living your truth as a queer person in the world. This means there isn’t separation between any of my identities. My Blackness is connected with my queerness and gender identification. Blackness is viewed through a monolithic lens and that usually means lifting up heteronormative ideas. I never felt completely seen. I didn’t feel completely seen in the LGBTQ+ community either, as queerness meant putting my Blackness second. I felt like I lived my life on the margins of both worlds. Even coming to this realization was another piece of living my truth. I often felt a need to prioritize one identity over another. That salience felt confining even though in many ways it provided a zone of safety depending upon the group I was interacting with. But it’s at the intersection of these identities where I find fre

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