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We are an online educational platform for meaningful lifetime learning. Our programming has become a go-to resource for yoga teachers and practitioners, therapists, wellness facilitators, scholars, researchers and spiritual leaders.

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Without practice, habitual patterns take over, and symptoms of our personal and social challenges block us from deeper insight. Teachings are like seeds that require fertile soil in which to grow, and the practice intention reminds us to till the soil.

Education is a process that continues throughout one's lifetime, even if we are no longer in a traditional school setting. We approach education as a process that requires ongoing reflection, cultivation, contemplation and self-inquiry.

Process the fruits of practice through study...

Progress yourself through spiritual community...

Like the contemplative path of the "Bodhisattva" (the awakened being who delays enlightenment until all are enlightened), we can only progress within the context of spiritual community. Come delight in the practice, process and progress of deep, contemplative study.

Kavitha Chinnaiyan

Author of 5 Books on Tantra

Stephen Porges

Creator of Polyvagal Theory

Rae Johnson

Embodiment Activist & Scholar

Krishna Das

Grammy-Nominated Kirtan Artist

Study with luminary teachers.

Our premium courses offer access to some of the most profound, creative and innovative teachers in the wider wisdom community. As scholar-practitioners, they equally reflect the virtues of deep study and experiential understanding – while being committed to the path toward a more peaceful world.


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From your desktop computer or from any device, stream wisdom teachings and contemplative practices from Embodied Philosophy. Let your practice be as mobile as you are and as flexible as you want to be in mind and heart.

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I feel more grounded and present. I feel more connected to my dreams and desires. I feel more able to attain my goals. I feel more hopeful about life and the future of our planet. I look forward to continuing my wisdom seeking with Embodied Philosophy!

Wisdom School Student

Amazing synthesis of cutting edge content between the somatic world, spirituality and psychology including a trauma-informed approach.

Course Student

Embodied Philosophy is improving all the time. There is so much on offer. I could spend all my days on your website, but unfortunately I don't have that luxury of time.

Long-time Student

I am a lifelong student of yoga. For me, the philosophy and spirituality is the most important aspect of the study of yoga. Embodied Philosophy provides authentic lineage teachings paired effortlessly with contemporary thought and considerations.

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