Death and the Dimensions of Creation in the Eyes of India’s Mystic Saints

Bursting through the barriers of sense awareness, you experience a sudden rush of exhilaration. Like a fresh breath of air after a suppressed confinement, an overwhelming feeling of expansiveness, clarity, and unbridled joy dawns upon the mind. With a knowing not born of books, an intuitive understanding of security and comfort naturally arises. You have just died. You are experiencing the familiar and comfortable process of transition from a physical body into the regions of astral consciousness wherein you will prepare for your next incarnation. Before long, the memories of human existence will begin to evaporate, like dreams that disappear shortly after waking. You are not afraid, you are free.   

This portrayal of the dying process takes into account the words of spiritual leaders and mystics who claim to have seen beyond. While death is often viewed as a shocking or negative experience through

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