From the Faculty: Shambhavi Sarasvati

What is devotion to you?

Devotion is the active, fundamental attitude of this alive, aware creation toward itself. You could say that devotion is the active outflow of wonder at the nature of the Self. It is built into the fabric of this alive, aware reality.

I set out on the path of sadhana as a rather snarky, punky, and pissed off atheist person. After more than 35 years of daily practice, I’ve discovered that devotion naturally expresses as a result of encountering reality in a more subtle and comprehensive way. Devotion and knowledge of the nature of the Self are co-arising. When you see how things are, you feel overwhelming devotion and spontaneously embody it in your activities.

Is your practice of devotion oriented towards a religious tradition? What is the connection or relationship of devotion to religious traditions?

The devotion I experience now is simple and unmediated. The more I experience being immersed in devotion, the more I appreciate any expressions of devotion from any tradition or none. Devotion is a mighty river that sweeps away all dogma and divisions.

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