iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation: Experiencing Our Innate Interconnected Wholeness and Well-Being

Recognizing and embodying our interconnected wholeness within, with others, and with the world and universe around us is fundamental to the practice of iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation. Our challenge, here, is to realize and embody the fullness of this realization amidst the challenging circumstances of our daily lives. 

Beyond our basic needs for food, shelter, clothing and safety, as social beings we also have four fundamental needs: to feel seen, heard, connected, and to belong. Without these four fundamental needs in place we may survive, but we won’t feel that we’re truly thriving. In order to thrive it is imperative that we are willing to see, hear, and connect within to ourselves, and be willing to be seen, heard, and connect with those around us.

In order to feel whole, we must be able to embrace both an egocentric perspective, where we experience ourselves as unique, authentic, individuated, and separate souls who are willing to be seen, heard, and connect, as well as embrace an allocentric perspective where we feel ourselves interconnected and not-separate with everyone and everything around us. When we are able to accept and embody both these perspectives—egocentric and allocentric points of view—we will experience ourselves as unique expressions of an underlying wholeness or essence that has given birth to ourselves, others and the entire cosmos. We are already whole and interconnected. This is our innate inheritance by birth. We just need to recognize, accept, and embody this realization.

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