Mūrti: The Living Form of God

Whatever you wish to see, can be seen all at once within this body. This universal form can show you all that you now desire. Everything is here completely.

Bhagavad Gītā 11:7

I was late for the train back to Delhi, but Auntie was not bothered. “First things, first,” she announced. “The train will wait.”

Finishing up a long research trip in Madhya Pradesh’s central Indian hinterlands, I’d come back to Bhopal to catch the night train to Delhi. One of my friends had invited me to stay with her maternal aunt in that city. “She’ll love having you,” she assured me. And she did.

As one who relishes visiting temples and holy places, Auntie found in me a kindred spirit and took me to every famous temple—except one. And she wouldn’t let me leave until I met this living goddess.

Driving out of the city, we stopped at a riverbank. Auntie grabbed my hand and lifted her sari with the others as we both waded knee-deep through the flowing water. Then climbing up a steep bank on the other side, we reached the mouth of a cave. 

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