Nārada’s Bhakti Sūtras: The Way of Sacred Love

All the saints and the angels and the stars up above
They all bowed down to the flower of creation
Every man every woman
Every race every nation
It all comes down to this
Sacred love.

~ Sting

Seeking a Higher Love

I’d come to the bathing ghat on the banks of the Ganges River in Haridwar for the same reason I’d come on similar circumstances before. I was there seeking comfort after a painful breakup. Years before, a jyotiṣi (Vedic Astrologer) had predicted of my life, “She will experience a great loss in love and through its pain, she will discover her spiritual path.” 

He was correct on three distinct occasions.

The first time I’d lost at love tragically was when I was a teenager and seven close friends died in a fatal car crash that I was supposed to be in, but wasn’t. The second time my father succumbed to injuries due to a skiing accident. And now the third was the occasion of my divorce, which was tragic enough in itself.

Regarding the latter, I’d just received the papers via FedEx and it was official. All the promises we’d made, the commitments, the confessions of undying love all swirled in the rip currents of the great Mother. I’d torn up the decree and threw it and the broken pieces of my heart into the redemptive river. 

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