The Illusion of the Self

According to Buddhism, our view of the self as a singular, distinct, autonomous and lasting entity is at odds with reality and, therefore becomes a source of frustration and suffering. An exacerbated feeling of self-importance, self-cherishing, and self-centeredness are the basis for impulses of attraction and aversion, which quickly develop into mental afflictions of hatred, craving, arrogance, envy, and lack of discernment.

Conversely, viewing the self as a mere convention or as a designated label for our dynamic stream of experience - consciousness in relation to the body and the world - is in harmony with the interdependent and impermanent nature of reality and leads to a state of well-being grounded in wisdom, altruism, compassion, and inner freedom. In order to reach this understanding, one should thoroughly investigate the notion of a “self” that might possibly constitute a separate, autonomous ent

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