Ancient Wisdom, Modern Questions: Vedantic Perspectives in Consciousness Studies

A man must have not only faith, but intellectual faith too. ~ Swami Vivekananda
Introduction Once St. Augustine was asked to define time and he replied, "If you do not ask me what time is, then I know. If asked, I know not!" He could very well have been speaking of consciousness. There are some things we cannot speak of, simply because we do not know enough about them. And there are other things which we feel we are very familiar with, and yet, when asked, we are entirely unable to give a satisfactory account. To the latter category belong things like time, space, matter, mind, love, self, and consciousness. One reason why we find it so difficult to adequately define them is that we formally define a concept with concepts that are yet more fundamental, and when we come to the most fundamental concepts of all (like time, space, matter, consciousness, etc.) we are left without the conceptual bricks with which to construct formal de

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