Ayurveda & Poverty Mentality

According to the Ayurvedic text, Ashtanga Hridayam, the purpose of life is four-fold:

  • Dharma – following the path of righteousness
  • Artha – earning money in a legal way
  • Kama – fulfilling our desire
  • Moksha – achieving Salvation

Ayurveda not only states that an honest living is necessary, but that it’s a part of the purpose of our lives. Some might read this philosophy as fairly common sense, but to me - it was a revelation. I was raised by a fundamentalist Minister and by the daughter and wife of a fundamentalist Minister. Spiritual purpose was the family business. Sure, we wanted to make a living, and I remember my family enjoying some great middle class vacations in the boom times as much as I remember the “milk toast” dinners during the lean times. But for the most part, my family focused on the Moksha and Dharma side of life.


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