Cheating Death

The great motivator and aggravator Change ever morphs our internal and external world, exacting responses from us. Beginnings bring endings; endings bring beginnings. Again and again, Time’s forward movement propels us into inescapable realities. Whenever I think of saṁsāra, the cycle of birth and death, a vision of a tumbling dryer comes to mind and I hear the thump-thump of an item hitting the dryer wall, driven by persistent revolutions. The thump-thump conjures aview of myself trapped in karma’s cycle from beginningless time. Unwittingly, the association of the dryer and saṁsāra has become so consistent and vivid that when I hear the dryer run or think of saṁsāra, my stomach turns with an ache. It’s a negative impetus that encourages me to remain committed to my daily spiritual practices (sādhana). I want release from material life, which includes dying, and the only way out is through a

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