Dharma and Envy: Salieri’s Story

For the artist, there is nothing like aligning one’s devotion to the discipline of one’s craft. Falling in love and being destroyed by it are common themes of the artist. Bono said it best: “All kill their inspiration and then sing about their grief.” The siren song of one’s attendant spirit, the daemon, is an enthralling call, a lover calling you to his bed; one that when softly heard can gently stir your heart into an act of creation. Creation and creator share an inexorable link; they are eternally connected. There is no Die Zauberflote, Requiem in D Minor, or Il Nozze di Figaro without the name of Herr Mozart attached to it. The creative process extends one’s immortality into the spheres cast amidst a stadium of stars. Or if we are lucky as mere mortals, maybe the local café Friday night acoustic set, the online blog or the self-published writer will invoke the same experience. We are all at the foot stool of the daemon, lesser th

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