Embracing the Divine Feminine, Darkness and All

If you’ve been in a bookstore lately or even on the Internet, you’ve probably heard about embracing the divine feminine. We are asked to step into our goddesshood in innumerable ways, from the way we dress and feel about ourselves to the way we talk and walk and go about living our lives. We are taught how to tap into our feminine selves.

This is a much-needed cultural, social, and spiritual revolution. However, it begs the following question—how do we define the feminine, especially the divine kind? And who gets to define the divine feminine?

Myths and stories have saturated our minds with the supposed magical qualities of the goddess—an epitome of beauty with sensual curves and a lovely visage framed by a cascade of perfect hair; a lover par excellence and an exemplary mother, she is at once a tender flower and a fierce warrior

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